Hi there! I'm Elli, a black-and-white male whippet from the Wollongong region of NSW. I was born on March 27, 2014.

Have you found me?

My family are probably worried sick! Please contact fox@munchlax.org or call the number on my tag as soon as possible. They will be delighted to give you a reward for bringing me home!

I love everybody! I might bark at you, but I'm not trying to scare you away - actually I'm trying to ask you to play with me! I will never try to hurt you (though I will get super excited and jump all over you - sorry about that!).

I'm a really healthy puppy, but I'm sensitive to extreme temperatures. Please make sure I can keep as warm or as cool as I need!

Have I been injured?

If I need medical care, you should know that I am a sighthound - I am extra sensitive to anaesthesia, compared to other dogs my size. Not all vets know about this, so please make sure whoever treats me knows I need extra careful dosage. My family will make sure any expenses are covered!

Thank you for taking care of me! :3

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